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Hang Over by Foy Spa - Dietery Supplement for Hangover Relief
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After studying the unpleasant after effects that alcohol consumption has on the human body, we decided to put the so called "old remedies" to work.

You've probably heard that drinking coffee, taking a cold shower and chewing on an aspirin all work to help get rid of a hangover. In actuality, they do nothing at all or even make it worse.


Though caffeinated beverages may increase alertness, they also increase dehydration causing more fluid loss and actually worsening the headache that follows. A cold shower is just unnecessary. It may alleviate queasiness for the time being, but once the faucet is turned off the disagreeable physical effects persist. Similarly, taking an aspirin is more likely to cause harm than good as it further upsets an already sour stomach. Moreover, aspirin is metabolized by the liver, giving it more work to do on top of filtering out all the toxins ingested from alcohol consumption.

After testing out many ineffective "folklore remedies", we decided to do something about it. HANG OVER was born! Our product was developed by a pharmacist tired of hearing the same old reoccurring complaints. Check out our testimonials. It's safe to use and unlike the competition, "it actually works" (when taken as directed).

Hangovers are costly in lost time and productivity. That's why a bottle of 30 vegetarian capsules of HANG OVER for only $9.99 is worth every penny!

For more information, read our article Hang-Overs and How to Treat Them.

University of FloridaNova Southeastern University

HANGOVER was formulated by University of Florida and Nova Southeastern University alumni pharmacists.

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