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Hang Over by Foy Spa - Dietery Supplement for Hangover Relief
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HANG OVER is made of natural ingredients. Just as water is essential for life, it is essential to consume with HANG OVER to receive the maximum effect. This powerful combination aids the body's natural response in processing alcohol — by converting consumed alcohol into by-products that your body processes to reduce alcohol's negative effects on you!

It is important to take HANG OVER with plenty of water as water helps activate the ingredients in HANG OVER as well as to replenish lost moisture and hydrate the cells, thereby shortening a hangover's length.

The active ingredients in HANG OVER work to...

Reduce nausea, vomiting, heart burn and sour stomach by decreasing motion sickness and neutralizing the acidity levels in the stomach attributed to alcohol consumption. It also helps absorb toxins and reduces the likelihood of diarrhea by improving regularity for proper excretion.

HANG OVER can be taken before, during or even after alcohol consumption. This includes beer, wine, liquor, etc.

Results may vary as they are limited by the amount of alcohol consumed, the number of HANG OVER capsules taken, and whether or not sufficient amounts of water are consumed along with HANG OVER. For best results take, one dose of two vegetable capsules per drink.

The following chart corresponds to the alcoholic equivalencies of one drink...

Standard Drink Chart (US)


Amount in ml

Amount in fl. oz.

Colloquial Amount

Alcohol by Volume

80-Proof Liquor

44 ml

1.5 fl. oz.

one shot



355 ml

12 fl. oz.

one can


Table Wine

148 ml

5 fl. oz.

one glass


Chart based on the CDC standard of 0.6 fl. oz. alcohol per drink. Click for the CDC alcohol FAQ.

HANG OVER does not prevent intoxication and is not intended to treat or prevent the consequences of excessive alcohol consumption. It will not help you pass a sobriety test. Please drink responsibly. Never drink and drive. HANG OVER is not intended for people under the legal drinking age if taken for hangover relief.

HANG OVER is ALSO recommended for relief of nausea, motion sickness, upset stomach, vomiting and diarrhea unrelated to alcohol consumption.