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Hang Over by Foy Spa - Dietery Supplement for Hangover Relief
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Pre-HANG OVER Survey

If you have not used HANG OVER before, please fill out the following information and click the "submit survey" button. You will then proceed to a secure Google Checkout page to pay $2.99 for shipping and handling in order to receive your free sample of HANG OVER. Offer valid in the United States only.

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One or twice a year Every other month Daily

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How often do you get a hangover?*

Never Once or twice a year Rarely Once every few months Once a month
One every couple of weeks Every weekend or more

What are your typical hangover symptoms?*

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Headache Fatigue Dehydration Nausea Diarrhea Increased Heart Rate Loss of Appetite Tremors

What is your hangover severity?*

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What do you currently do to alleviate hangovers?*

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Water/juice Tough it out (suffer) Greasy foods Aspirin Advil Sports drinks
Coffee Tylenol Hair of the dog Other

Have you ever tried a commercial hangover product?*

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If yes, your satisfaction with hangover products?

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How do you think your drinking habits would change if you never had to worry about hangovers?*

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Why do you drink?*

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Pure enjoyment Stress relief To lose inhibitions Social acceptance (to fit in)
To relieve depression Never gave it much thought

What is your beverage of choice?*

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Beer Vodka/Martini Wine Mixed drinks Whiskey Shooters Rum Liqueurs Other

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